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Program benefits:

  • Sustainable weight loss without perpetual, yo-yo dieting
  • Personalized and science-based approach
  • More energy
  • Better health
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improve self esteem

This 6-week program is designed to teach you a sustainable way to eat healthy, feel better, improve body composition, and lose weight.

Challenge begins January 18, 2021

Program includes:

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • VIP membership to our HealthMatrix App 
    • For tracking your nutrition and access to our challenge private group
  • Once a week check in with your nutrition coach, a combo of both in person and phone/video meetings
  • Email access to your coach for support on any questions or challenges you experience with your nutrition
  • Challenge guide, includes valuable educational materials
  • Healthy nutritious recipes
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See what our clients have to say about our program:

Niki’s nutritional knowledge was just what I needed to cut through all the diet confusion! She helped me create a plan that worked for me and my busy lifestyle. She provided recipes, suggestions and loads of encouragement.
Niki, I can’t thank you enough for my healthy future! “
~ Linda M.

...While meeting with Niki, she had already reviewed my history and had a plan in mind that could assist me with my goal of becoming fit and it took into account my crazy schedule. When she told me I should increase my calories by 300-400 a day and also increase the amount of weights I was using, I thought she was nuts, but I wanted to try.
After six weeks of eating the allotted amount of macros and increasing the weights I am lifting, I have lost six pounds!!  I have even set personal records on several lifts!!...”
~ Sonya W.

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