Over the last 100 years, healthcare has advanced significantly and the average human lifespan has increased. However, population studies show that while we have increased the length of life, we have made little progress in decreasing the state of disease and length of disability at the end of it. The good news is that most of the chronic diseases that steal lifespan and quality of life are preventable. Many can also be reversed when treated in their early stages.

Recognizing these limitations of the traditional healthcare system, HealthMatrix was conceived. It is an innovative, personalized, proactive, preventive, and integrative healthcare model founded by leading physicians and health practitioners who independently recognized that the current health care system is too disease-focused and well past due in its need to evolve to a health-centered model. From a collective professional experience of several decades, we have developed this new comprehensive medical approach. We call it Health Management Medicine.

Our approach is evidence-based, personalized, looks at the whole person, and uses a variety of treatment modalities to regain and maintain optimal health and vigor. Some of the core components of the treatment plans include metabolic balance, hormone optimization (when clinically indicated), wellness and nutrition coaching, effective and efficient physical activity, targeted nutritional supplementation, gut health, detoxification, stress management, and mind-body balance. We focus on the synergy of these elements to enhance vitality and extend healthspan.

Over two decades of work in the industry and a vast number of patient interactions have enlightened us to the fact that regular physical activity is the main driver of other healthy lifestyle choices and behavior. We have also learned that looking our best can further enhance the drive to be our healthiest self and also boost self-esteem and confidence. Hence, at HealthMatrix, we have created Your Complete Wellness Ecosystem, offering Health Management Medicine, Exercise and Esthetics under one roof. Our innovative model offers the best opportunity for efficiently maximizing outcomes while saving time and reducing costs. Your healthcare providers have a total picture of your health, and hence all physical activities and esthetic services are guided by them.

The field of proactive, preventive, and integrative healthcare and age management medicine has seen significant evolution over the last decade. We have long come to recognize that this approach provides the highest return on healthcare dollars spent and gives us the best opportunity for a healthy, vital, long life. Yet, a lot of the clinical knowledge remains scattered and is not available in an academic setting but is rather achieved from years of private practice and learning, both self-guided and from some of the best minds and educational events in the industry. It is no surprise that to date the number of practices offering a comprehensive and truly integrative clinical program in this field remains small. We take this opportunity to significantly impact population health, improve the quality of life of the people we serve, and reduce healthcare expenses in the long run.